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Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

Bar Harbor

Nestled along the ruggedly beautiful coastline of Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor beckons with its charming downtown area, where vibrant shopping and an array of activities await. As you stroll through the heart of this picturesque town, you'll find an eclectic mix of boutiques, galleries, and shops offering unique treasures and locally crafted goods. Whether you're seeking the perfect souvenir, a handcrafted piece of jewelry, or a delightful treat from a local bakery, downtown Bar Harbor is the place to explore.

Beyond the shopping, immerse yourself in the town's rich history, cultural attractions, and culinary delights, making every moment a memorable part of your Bar Harbor adventure. From vibrant Main Street to the scenic waterfront, downtown Bar Harbor invites you to experience the essence of coastal Maine while indulging in its vibrant offerings.


Bar Harbor Area Restaurants

The best places to eat in Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor Maine offers some of the best dining in America, with a wide variety of foods to satisfy all palettes.


The Reading Room offers guests of the Inn, visitors to Bar Harbor, and our dearly loved regulars a distinguished fine dining experience overlooking Frenchman Bay.
The Terrace Grille is one of Bar Harbor’s premier outdoor restaurants. Centrally located at the end of West Street next to the town pier – look for the iconic yellow umbrellas!
Showcasing original fireplaces, copper tables, and oak wainscoting, McKays Public House has recaptured the traditional elegance of Bar Harbor’s past in its historic Victorian building.
Maine's #1 Seafood Restaurant in Bar Harbor, features fresh local ingredients and sustainably sourced seafood – caught in the waters directly in front of the restaurant.
Just up from the Bar Harbor town pier, Galyn’s has been serving fresh seafood, steaks, and vegetarian selections since 1986. Settle into one of our five art-filled dining rooms and become a part of the Galyn’s tradition.
Located at 198 Main St Bar Harbor, ME 04609.Burger and Beer night every Monday. ANY burger off the menu PLUS any draft from Blaze Brewing Company, OR draft cider, OR glass of wine = $20
Known for their lobster rolls, famous fish sandwiches, chowders, seafood, burgers and more. The portions are great and the prices even better. Open 11am–1am seven days wk.
CREATIVE COMFORT FOOD And drink! Our feel good food and drinks are widely loved for fresh, fun flavors and customizable options. There’s a great variety of sandwiches, ‘macs, tacos, and salads
Stewman's, the only two authentic oceanfront lobster pounds in Bar Harbor, are local treasures that can be found right near our private marina as well as at our second location in downtown Bar Harbor.
Jordan’s Restaurant was started in 1976 by the Paine family to fill a need in Bar Harbor for a local, home-style restaurant. The idea was to feature wild Maine blueberry products. As the town changed over the years, Jordan’s expanded along with it.
Open daily for guests and the public from 12pm-8pm, with a special guest only hour from 8pm-9pm, the garden bar is the best place in Bar Harbor to sit outside and relax in your own oasis on Main Street.

Craft cocktails, carefully selected wines, delicious small plates + sweet & savory crepes. Creative decor - indoor/outdoor bar - covered patio - stream & small pond - beautiful garden.


The best places to shop in Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor Maine offers some of the best vacation shopping in New England!
Stop on over! Our store is full of interesting things. And who doesn’t want to touch before they buy? We look forward to meeting you!
The goal at Willis' Rock Shop has been, and still is, to create truly unique pieces of jewelry. A family business with over 80 years experience in the design and creation of natural colored gemstone jewelry.
At Cadillac Mountain Sports, we pride ourselves on our customer service and product selection. We’re passionate about the outdoors and our staff is here to help you select the best gear and apparel for outdoor adventures.
The Kimball Shop Boutique offers a wide array of clothing, footwear, jewelry and accessories. Our trained staff is happy to assist you in building your wardrobe and styling for special events.
Furnishings and accessories for the well dressed home. Love where you live.

Exploring the Allure of Bar Harbor: Your Perfect Summer Getaway

As the sun-kissed days of summer approach, the allure of coastal destinations beckons. Nestled on the picturesque shores of Mount Desert Island in Maine, Bar Harbor stands as a quintessential summer haven, offering a treasure trove of experiences for vacationers and their families and friends. From awe-inspiring natural wonders to captivating outdoor adventures, culinary delights, and rich cultural experiences, Bar Harbor invites you to create lasting memories against the backdrop of its breathtaking landscapes.

1. Acadia National Park: Nature's Playground

Bar Harbor's crown jewel, Acadia National Park, is a boundless wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts. With over 49,000 acres of pristine beauty, the park showcases rugged coastlines, lush forests, and granite peaks, including the iconic Cadillac Mountain. Whether you're hiking, biking, rock climbing, or simply enjoying a leisurely drive along the Park Loop Road, Acadia promises adventures of every kind.

2. Whale Watching & Wildlife Encounters

Embark on a thrilling whale-watching expedition in the Gulf of Maine. As you cruise through the crystal-clear waters, keep your camera ready to capture majestic humpback, finback, and minke whales. Seals, porpoises, and seabirds also grace these waters, providing an awe-inspiring spectacle of marine life.

3. Bar Island and Low Tide Adventures

When the tide recedes, Bar Island becomes accessible via a natural sandbar. Explore this unique phenomenon by strolling or biking across, revealing hidden treasures like tidal pools, delicate ecosystems, and stunning vistas. Remember to time your visit with the tides to avoid an unexpected watery return journey!

4. Delectable Dining Delights

Bar Harbor's culinary scene is a gastronomic adventure waiting to be savored. Sample succulent lobster rolls, indulge in freshly caught seafood, and savor mouthwatering blueberry pie—the local delicacy. The town's vibrant restaurant and cafe culture offers diverse menus for every palate, with waterfront dining adding a touch of charm to your meal.

5. Art and Culture

Discover the rich art and cultural heritage of Bar Harbor through its numerous galleries, theaters, and historical sites. The Abbe Museum showcases Native American art and history, while art galleries feature a wide range of works by local and national artists. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the town's captivating history, beautifully preserved in the Bar Harbor Historical Society.

6. Sunset Strolls and Starry Nights

As day turns to dusk, take a leisurely stroll along the Shore Path, offering panoramic views of Frenchman Bay and the Porcupine Islands. Embrace the tranquility as the sun sets over the horizon, painting the sky with vibrant hues. At night, the clear Maine skies reveal a celestial spectacle, perfect for stargazing and creating magical memories.

7. Water Adventures and Paddle Excursions

Whether you're into kayaking, paddleboarding, or sailing, Bar Harbor's pristine waters beckon you. Rent equipment or join guided tours to explore the coves, islands, and hidden inlets. Paddle at your own pace or embark on thrilling sea adventures with experienced guides.

8. Lively Festivals and Events

Summer in Bar Harbor is punctuated by lively festivals and events. From Fourth of July parades to music festivals, art shows, and regattas, there's always something happening in town. Be sure to check the local event calendar for exciting happenings during your visit.

Bar Harbor, with its natural beauty and warm hospitality, provides the ideal setting for a summer vacation with family and friends. Whether you seek outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or simply moments of relaxation by the sea, Bar Harbor promises a memorable getaway, leaving you with cherished memories of the perfect summer escape. So, pack your bags and embark on a journey to discover the enchantment of Bar Harbor, Maine.